Whiteboard Animation is an easy, cost-effective way to introduce, explain, overview, or illustrate your business, a process, or service.


FYI: We have a corporate franchisee program that is very cost effective. Contact Michael.


The process is easy!


1. Pay for your order. Once the order is complete and paid for, we will start your project.

2. Write your script up to 240 words max (120 words is about 1 minute of video). Be conversational and engage your audience! Read it aloud to yourself or to others to make sure it works for you.

2. Email us your script, logo and website URL (elizabeth@crunchmedia.tv).

3. Also tell us if you'd like a male or female for your voice track.

4. It takes about 10-14 days for our graphic designers to complete the project.

5. You'll receive the file as video ".mp4" file (if you'd like another format, let us know in advance.)


That's it! If you have any questions give us a call.


Price: $400.00 as described above.

              We also offer optional script-writing services ask us. It is a wise choice!





  1. Pay for your order.
  2. Write your script.
  3. Email script, logo, website address, phone and male or female voice to elizabeth@crunchmedia.tv


Note: You will have 30 days from order date to submit all pertinent information. After the initial 30 days you will be charged an order reactivation fee of $50.